25/3 - 2023
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Healthy & tasty for your cat and dog

We have several years of collected experience when it comes to nutritious dog- and catfood. We know what works (and what doesnt work). So what is the secret behind a successful recipe? Natural ingredients, high meat content combined with a bunch of health benefits. We believe its important that there is a sort for everyone. And we dare say that our products cover 95 % of all the cats and dogs needs.

Our ingredients

Great content in all its glory, but for many, the taste is probably just as important. So your four-legged friend eats with a good appetite!


Classics in dog and cat food. And we understand why! It has both high digestibility and high biological value. Thus, a protein source that the body can absorb and assimilate in very
high degree.


A high-quality (and classic) protein. Lamb is a gentle source of protein that usually suits even the sensitive dogs.


An ingredient that is very kind to the stomach with high biological value.

What really matters.

Super premium

High quality nutrition, that is exclusively sold in pet shops. We value their knowledge and selection of quality products. Thats something we want to keep for generations (just like monster).

Meat as the first ingredient

Dogs and cats are carnivores. They need clean sources of nutritious meat and protein to get the best chance for a long and healthy life.

Gluten free recipes

Made without wheat. Gluten-free recipes that are kind to the stomach, skin and fur. And that minimizes the risk of developing sensitivities and intolerances.

Taste is important

Great content in all its glory, but for many, the taste is probably just as important. So your four-legged friend eats with a good appetite!

Only natural ingredients

Our food is made with natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals. We skip the unnecessary additives.

Developed in Sweden

The recipes are developed in Sweden with a focus on Nordic conditions and carefully selected ingredients. We avoid mass production and deliver quality without intermediaries.

What do our customers say about Monster?

Nothing makes us as happy as satisfied customers! Here you can find out what some of our satisfied customers say about our dog and cat food.

"My dogs eat Sensitive and I have never been happier with a feed. Works just as well on my active Belgian as my sterilized pensioner."


"I can finally open a cat food without holding my breath. I've also read all about your food online. Thumbs up for quality. Happy dog and cat owner!"

Leni Bjorkman

SO PLEASED!! Monster Dynamite

"SO PLEASED!! All three have gone exclusively to Dynamite during the mountain days, they burn copiously and fall out in two seconds. Hullet has held up well, the stomachs are in top form - not hints at running armages or the like. So glad that the feed is of equal quality even under the harshest physical stresses the dogs are subjected to."


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