Questions & Answers

For us, it is important that you feel safe with our products! That's why we've collected our most common questions and answers here.

If you can't find the answer to a question, need advice on what your four-legged friend should eat, or just want to know more about our amazing products, feel free to talk to the stars in the support department at or 08-630 73 00.

Is grain-free better for my cat/dog?

Not necessarily, but some individuals work better on a grain-free diet, and some do not. We want to be able to offer products for both. That is why you will find both in our range.

Why do you have oats in your food?

Oats are a low-glycemic grain without gluten that are good for digestion. A mild and slow source of carbohydrates that provides long-lasting energy.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are food for the good bacteria in the gut, so that they thrive and become more. It contributes to gentle digestion and good gastrointestinal health. Health comes from the inside – and a healthy digestion strengthens the immune system.

How does your tartar checker work?

Sodium hexamethasphate binds calcium in the oral cavity, preventing it from attaching to the teeth and forming tartar. Our crunchy kibble also has a scraping and cleansing effect on the teeth.

Why does it matter that you are family owned?

Our knowledge and experience has been passed on from generation to generation. We create dog and cat food without intermediaries to avoid mass production. It gives us the opportunity to affect and hear our customers. We like the small-scale. To be close to process and production. The idea for Monster was born out of a concern for our four-legged family members. Our feed is about passion and quality – and a lot of heart.

You have ino ntermediaries, how does that affect me?

It gives us (and you as a consumer) better transparency, overview, better traceability to ensure quality and more for the money with fewer intermediaries

Do you have a taste guarantee?

Yes, if your pet does not like our food, you can return the package with the food together with the purchase receipt.

Feed for pregnant bitches?

We recommend Dynamite for pregnant and lactating bitches.

Are your bags recyclable?

The bags are sorted as combustible as they contain an extra protective material that protects the food from light, and makes the bag more durable.

Why is your food better than anyone else's?

We have simply taken the most important components to give cats and dogs the best conditions. The combination of high-quality raw materials, composition tailored to the animal's origin and anatomy and the health benefits that modern research has shown provide a long and healthy life. Besides, it tastes good!

Why is fresh meat important?

Fresh meat has a high biological value i.e. the raw material is fresh makes it easier for the animal to use more nutrients. In addition to nutritional benefits, it also provides a higher palatability.

Is the amount of taurin that is natural enough, or does more taurin need to be added?

The amount of taurine that is naturally present in the food covers the entire daily needs for your four-legged friend.

Where is Monster made?

Different countries in the EU depending on the variety. We have selected the producers that we think deliver the best in their category.

- Dry food Dog & Cat - Holland
- Treats Baked - Holland
- Paté - Holland
- Soft treats cat, training treats dog - Switzerland
- Dental Chews - Spain
- Treats Freeze-dried - Sweden
- Monster RAW - Sweden
- Monster Pouches - Germany
- Monster Blötmat (can) - Austria

Where do your ingredients come from?

Depending on raw material – different countries within the EU. A few from other parts of the world, such as lambs that come from New Zealand. For us, it is important that the raw materials are of high quality. We do not want to risk that any raw material are running out and have therefore chosen not to take all the ingredients from one and the same country – as it is very fragile in terms of production.

How can your cat and dog food promote healthy skin and fur?

High-quality animal proteins, fats and natural fatty acids provide the best conditions for healthy skin and fur.

How much meat does your food contain?

Between 50-75% depending on the product.