About us

We are a family owned company since 1970, currently in the second generation of dog and cat food. As of today we are more than 50 dedicated workers and over 80 cats and dogs behind Monster. See our journey below


Another pet food you think? to that we say, exactly. Because we think its needed. The need grew in to an idea that in turn became Monster. A pet food that is all about passion and quality. About a need to care for our four legged family members.

If you've got 50 years of experience, don't you think its allowed to brag a little if you really know what you're talking about? add seven years of product development, in which we hava taken all of the best, and turned it in to Monster. The recipes are made in Sweden with focus on the nordic circumstances and carefully picked ingredients from the EU.

To make sure that the contents are up to standard, we shy away from mass production and intermediaries. Every bag go through 120 (!) quality controls before its delivered to your pet store. The fact that Monster is natural, without unnecessary additives, has a high protein and meat percentage, is good for the digestive system and for the teeth, is a no brainer for us- and for you?

But Monster is more that just a great pet food that provides your dog and cat with the best conditions for a long and healthy life. We think long term and we want to stay family owned. Because we enjoy the small scale. Its what we are good at. And what we want. To be close to the process and production- and you as a customer- is our favorite thing.

Monster is exclusively sold in pet stores. Because their knowledge, service and selection of quality products is something we want to keep having for generations to come. Just like Monster. So why the name Monster? Well, we're not sure, at least not completely. Some people say it's a loving nickname for your pet. If not, its definitely a name you'll remember when you visit your pet store, right?


Staffan Hansson founded the company that today sells Monster.

We are a family-owned company since 1970, in the second generation and with more than 35 years of experience in cat and dog food. Today, we are over 50 dedicated employees and over 80 cats and dogs behind Monster.


His son Niklas is born.

Unbeknown to him, he will be our future CEO.


We begin as the first company in scandinavia, to sell meat based premium dog and cat food from the US.

Imagine, at this age there werent any premium cat or dog food in scandinavia.


The company is growing and we become the biggest distributor of dog and cat food in the pet shop business.



Niklas takes over the CEO role.

The family owned company is now in its second generation.


We begin selling grain free dog and cat food.

The consumers are becoming more aware and the demand of grain free products are increasing.


The product development of Monster Pet Food begins.

After many years in the business as distributors, the idé of creating our own product is born! from wheat to bread (or well, ingredient to finished product). But the process is delayed. The recipes have to be refined, factories needs to be contacted and idéas has to be put in motion.


We see an even clearer need of another pet foodon the scandinavian market.


Monsters for dogs and cats are launched.

In spring 2021, the first Monster varieties will finally be launched. But this is just the beginning - the range is expanding all the time. Stay tuned.