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About this Cookie Policy

This cookie policy describes what cookies are, how we use them, what types of cookies we use (what type of information we collect), how this information is used, and how you can control your cookie settings. You can always change, or withdraw your consent to our cookie declaration on our website.

Current status: Consent accepted. Manage your consent.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are used to store small pieces of information. They are stored on your device when the website loads in your browser. These cookies help the website to function properly, make it more secure, provide you with a better user experience and help us understand what works on the site, and what needs improvement.  

How do we use cookies?

Like most online services, our website uses first-hand and third-party cookies for a number of reasons. First-hand cookies are necessary to make the website work properly, and they do not collect your personal data. Third-party cookies are used to make us understand how the site performs, how you interact with the website, keep all our services safe and provide you with advertising that is relevant to you. All to give you a better experience and to speed up your future interactions on our site.

What types of cookies do we use?

Basic: some cookies are important for you to be able to interact on our site with full functionality. They help us maintain user sessions and counter security threats. They do not collect or store any personal data.

Statistical:These cookies store information such as how many people are on the website at the same time, how many unique visitors there are and which pages on the page have been visited. This data helps us understand and analyze how the website performs and what needs to be improved.

Functional:These help some functionalities that are not fundamental to the page. These functionalities include embedding video or sharing the page on social media.

We use these cookies:



Cookie law info consent
Store the summary of the consent given for cookies
Cookie necessary
Stores user input for necessary cookies
Cookie non necessary
Stores user input for non necessary cookies
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Google Analytics
Collects analytics
Viewed cookie policy
Stores if user has interacted with the cookie box

How do I check my cookie preferences?

If you want to change your cookie settings later while using the website, you can click on the "Cookie Policy" page on your screen. On that page, by clicking on "Manage your consent", you can approve or deny cookies. In addition to this, browsers offer different ways to delete and block cookies. You can change these under your browser settings.

To read more about cookies, you can visit the www.allaboutcookies.orgpage.