Tartar control: Sodium hexametaphosphate for oral health

By Monster Pet Food | Mar 11, 2024

Sodium hexametaphosphate, difficult word (we know!), but the most important thing is that it actually works! Give your four-legged friend a try and you'll see we're not just talking. Monster's recipes are carefully developed and refined to deliver the highest quality. Every little ingredient is important, carefully selected and put together in perfect balance to nourish naturally.

We also enrich our food with vitamins, minerals and a range of health benefits that prevent common problems. All so that your dog feels as good as possible. By including sodium hexametaphosphate in our products, we actively work to prevent tartar and promote healthy dental health in dogs.

What is sodium hexametaphosphate?

Sodium hexametaphosphate is a mineral that has been shown to be effective in fighting tartar in dogs. By binding the calcium in the dog's saliva, sodium hexametaphosphate prevents the calcium from adhering to the teeth and forming hard deposits. In this way, it reduces the risk of tartar formation and promotes better dental health in dogs.

Dental Chews, a source of sodium hexametaphosphate

Monster Dental Chews: A source of sodium hexametaphosphate

One of our flagship dental health products is Monster Dental Chews. These delicious chews are not only a treat for your dog but also a source of sodium hexametaphosphate. The Dental Chew helps prevent tartar build-up and massages the gums.

Tartar control is in all our dry dog food!

Dry food for healthy teeth in dogs

Monster dry food contains sodium hexametaphosphate and has crunchy kibbles that reduce plaque and reduce tartar formation. Tartar control is present in all our dry foods to keep your dog's teeth strong and gums healthy. Good dental health - throughout life.

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